Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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i-Call VoIP Phone Service As Low as $19.95/month
(select markets)

One of our newest service offerings provides low cost affordable phone service in your home. i-Call is a traditional in home phone service. i-Call offers unlimited local and long distance calling all for one flat rate. No worries with who your long distance provider is, no worries about how many minutes you talk, just ONE flat rate for Unlimited local and long distance service.

How does it work? i-Call will work with any connection to the Internet providing it has the required available bandwidth for a sustainable call. It works better when using our network and equipment end to end, but it WILL work no matter who your Internet provider is, so if you connect with another Internet company you can still have i-Call, along with it you get i-Land's reliable customer service and local technical support. Call i-Land today.


Interested?  For more information and answers to your questions about i-Call contact I-Land's Sales Department at (1-800-526-8302) or email sales@iland.net We'll be more than happy to answer your questions, provide general information, or get you set up for a i-Call VoIP plan or custom home installation.

Pricing and Equipment for VoIP Calling Service
  Bundled with 1 of I-Land's Select Connections Stand Alone, No I-land Connection
Monthly Rate for Service $19.95
Lease Rate for ATA Equipment ( 2 line ATA) (First ATA is free)
Equipment configuration/custom in home installation
Note: First ATA is free, if ever replaced then lease rate of $3.99 will apply.

i-Call Service Breakdown

i-Call VoIP Customer Install:
i-Call VoIP phone plan requires a working LAN or WLAN router, must have an available RJ45 port on router so that ATA device can be added to the LAN/WLAN. Customer must have available a standard off the shelf analog phone for service to work properly.

Fee's for additional services:

Trip charge for ATA installation $45.00, if a phone jack is desired an additional $20 will be added to the trip charge.Trip charge for installing a phone jack on a return visit after ATA has been installed: $45 plus additional $20 for the jack installtion.

1- 800-526-8302 Also visit our E911 Notice


Referrals = Free Service

Free I-Land Service?!?  That’s right!  Once I-Land begins to bill you, a service credit can be earned and will be applied to your account for each person who signs up with I-Land and tells us you referred them.  It's simple!  For more information regarding our Referral Program, visit our referral FAQ page.