Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Wireless Internet Access
As Low as $24.95/month

I-Land's wireless high-speed, high-performance Internet access solution for home or business. 


Now Serving

Green Ridge
Knob Noster
Cole Camp
Warrensburg (south and eastern Rural)


  • FREE installation (a $160.00 value!)
  • FREE Site Survey (a $50.00 value! We test your location for iWireless availability)
  • No up-front equipment fees (see ** required equipment)
  • Wireless Internet connectivity at high speeds from us to you, no middleman.
  • All the FREE extras like iCalendar, iMail, iBriefcase, iPics & iSell!

I-Land's newest broadband solution offers state of the last mile wireless connectivity. With high-speed backhaul links between tower sites and fiber transport connections between towers and the Network Operations Center you can count on I-land to deliver high-speed connectivity to your home.

Wireless provides a secure connection over the airways using MD5 certificates for authentication, AES encryption and various filtering methods based on protocol type, I.P. port I.D. and configurable I.P. address lists.

Along with the great speeds taylored for your needs you also receive all the great benefits from being an I-Land subscriber. Wireless will set you free from phone lines and coax, call our Sales department today. 1-800-526-8302.

i-Pages-personal homepage space
i-Sell - classified ads - why buy newspaper ads again?
i-Mail - access to your email from any computer
i-Briefcase - store those important files online
i-Calendar - view and post community events
i-Pics - catalog and share photos online
Online - Newsletter

Interested?  For more information and answers to your questions about Wireless Internet Access contact I-Land's Sales Department, (1-800-526-8302) or email sales@iland.net.  We'll be more than happy to answer your Wireless questions, provide general information, or get your name submitted so that you can be scheduled for a site survey.

For more info or to sign up for service, call our toll-free sales line at (800) 526-8302 (8am-5pm, Monday – Friday), or email your questions to info@iland.net.

Wireless Access Plans

Standard Wireless **
Up to 512kbps connection (512k/256k)
Up to 1.0Mbps Connection (1.0Mbps/512k)
Up to 1.5Mbps connection (1.5Mbps/512k)
Up to 2.0Mbps connection (2.0Mbps/512k)
Up to 3.0Mbps connection (3.0Mbps/768k)
Up to 4.0Mbps connection (4.0Mbps/1.0Mbps)
Monthly Equipment Lease Fee
$3.99/month +Tax
Business Class Wireless **
Up to 512kbps connection (up and downstream) $109.00/month
8 dedicated IP addresses (6 usable)  
24x7 emergency service  
Up to 1.5Mbps connection (up and downstream) $157.43/month
8 dedicated IP addresses (6 usable)  
24x7 emergency service  
Up to 3.0Mbps connection (up and downstream) $229.18/month
8 dedicated IP addresses (6 usable)  
24x7 emergency service  
Up to 4.0Mbps connection (up and downstream)
8 dedicated IP addresses (6 usable)  
24x7 emergency service  

Initial Site Survey
In order to determine availability of signal, an initial site survey is required.  Each site will be surveyed to see if a suitable connection is possible using up to a 10' mast mounted at the highest point of your house or business structure using a 3 foot tripod (if required).  The survey will determine which speed option will be possible for your location. It may be possible that all of our offered speeds are attainable (or none at all). This will depend on location and proximity to one of our access points. If your site requires antenna mounting higher than the 10 foot mast mounted on the highest point of your structure or if your preference is to not mount the antenna on your structure the survey will determine the best possible custom install. Custom installs are not free and cost for such an installation will be determined on a case by case basis. (Note: wireless installers are experienced with site survey minimum requirements; upon arrival to physical site it may be determined due to elevation or obstructed view (trees, hillsides, buildings etc.) that an install with suitable signal is not possible. If that is determined upon arrival, climbing on the customers roof is not needed.)

**  Required equipment and installation bundle includes:

Standard Professional Installation (user self-installation is not available)

Wireless access unit and antenna,

10 foot mast and a 3 foot tripod roof mount.

Up to 100 ft of Ethernet cable.

I-Land is currently installing wireless connections with a "$3.99 equipment lease fee + tax " plan. What this means is I-Land Internet will provide the needed equipment for the standard installation package at no "purchase" cost for the customers use. There will be a monthly lease fee of $3.99 + tax. Customer must sign an equipment use agreement that outlines the property ownership and the return policy for the "leased" equipment.

Your computer must have an Ethernet network interface card.   The cost of additional components and installation charges that may be necessary is not included in any figures quoted on this site. This type of installation will be considered as custom and will be quoted upon the completion of the site survey.

Referrals = Free Service

Free I-Land Service?!?  That’s right!  Once I-Land begins to bill you, a service credit will be applied to your account for each person who signs up with I-Land and tells us you referred them.  It's simple!  For more information regarding our Referral Program, visit our referral FAQ page.